Welcome to DIY Growth

Hi! My name is Yasmin Perucchetti. I do onboarding (which is first day immersion and training for employees) and used to be in the recruitment business, sourcing for key positions around the world.

Because of the nature of my work, I get to interact with business owners and managers, learning about what their companies need from their people, and seeing the incredible opportunities waiting for someone willing to be awesome for the team.

I also get to sit and talk to a lot of people, particularly young people who want to build rewarding careers. They too want to be awesome, want something purposeful, meaningful, and that allows them to grow financially and professionally.

So companies want awesome people and workers want to be awesome. Why then is there such a huge need for reliable, productive, honest, and committed people in pretty much every company I’ve met?

My boyfriend, David, managing director of New Leaf Ventures and CEO of Bridge: There’s a gap between what companies and their workers think is awesome. I’ve asked him to write about that in a future post. For me, what I keep thinking about is “How do I help people have thriving careers?” Looking back at my own “career path” (if you can really call it that), starting out as a model in London, Milan, and the Philippines, trying out social media work, working for a portal, doing manpower recruitment and executive search, I’ve found that while the fit of the role is important, to have a rewarding career has more to do with the right mentality, and that mentality is this: Your success, your happiness, your growth, is your responsibility, no one else’s.

The best way to have a rewarding career, a rewarding life, is to take ownership over your decisions, your actions, and your results. This is the principle behind my newest project, DIY Growth: Help People Have Rewarding Careers by Helping Them Take Ownership of Their Own Success.

To start this, we will be having micro career guidance sessions once a month. I have invited friends and professional contacts who have developed and are continuing to develop rewarding work experiences to have 10-15 minute discussions with attendees to listen to their professional situations, give career advice, and possibly even make useful introductions to their networks.

If you’re interested in reserving a spot for the next career meetup or volunteering to be a mentor for the next one, you can CONTACT US. It will be fun, it will be rewarding, and, best of all, it’s FREE!

Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

With much love,

Disciplines: Communication

Communication has tested every one of us at some time, or more likely many times in our lives. Take two people who think differently, process things differently, speak differently, and there could definitely be some sparks flying during that conversation, and not the nice kind of sparks.

So how can we communicate effectively leaving everyone happy?

I think breaking this down to what men and women both look for in a conversation is a good start. For men they want respect, and for women they want love.

So men want to be admired as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements, and women want to know their partner has deep affection for them. At least that’s what the dictionary tells us, yet when I search the bible for answers it shakes things up a little. For a man to receive respect they want the person they are talking to, to submit to their teachings. And for a women to feel loved they want the person they are talking to, to not show envy, to not boast, to not be proud, to not dishonor, to not be selfish, to not get angry, to keep no record of wrongs, to not delight in evil, to rejoice with the truth, to protect, to trust, to hope and to perservere. Now whoever said women were more complicated than men, don’t blame us! It’s God who designed us this way!! Huh! And you can check 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 if you don’t believe me!

Well forgetting the battle of the sexes, both respect and love are two of the most important values to hold onto during any sort of communication with anyone, regardless of the sex. Women want to know they are respected too just as men want to know they are also cared for. So with that in mind here are some simple tips for better communication with the next person you talk to.

Understand We Are All Different

When we accept people for who they are, we are basically telling them we care, not because they are like us, but because we care about who they are. Trying to get someone to think the same way you do, to process thoughts the same way, to learn the same way, is basically selfishness regardless of the goal. You could be working on the goal of raising 5 million dollars for starving children, but if you try to get your team functioning the exact same way you do then you might want to re-check the purpose of your goal. When we really want to help others we appreciate them first, meaning we appreciate their uniqueness, and value their opinions, and are open to learning new things from them too.


It’s usually the case too that if we spend more time talking about our own experiences and opinions than listening, we are usually more interested in ourselves than the person we are with. It’s selfishness, and the worlds full of it! Most conversations amongst the general population are spent fighting for the next spot to talk. We hear something that reminds us of similar events in our own lives or even lessons we learned from that particular topic, and we can’t wait to butt in to share our own advice and stories. This is why Life Coaching has become so popular, as it really is just 90% listening. The coach asks a couple of selected questions, then simply sits back and listens to whoever they are coaching, who are the able to answer their own concerns, questions, fears, troubles, problems etc. We are mostly all smarter than we think, only we haven’t been able to process the thoughts in our minds properly, so voicing them out can help us work through so many things, only we need someone to voice them too. Listening and not reacting when the pace is different to yours, or when the flow is different to the way you’d talk yourself shows you care about the person, you are interested in the person and you appreciate their uniqueness.

Body Language.

Sometimes our body language speaks faster than our words..

Eye contact -shows we are interested in the person we are talking to, it shows respect for the person.

Smiles- show friendliness and concern for the person we are talking to

Handshake – shows profesisonalism

Posture – makes us look confident and secure in ourselves


#3books I Wish I Read Earlier: Yasmin Perucchetti

My reading style is different from David’s. While his reading is more diverse, I prefer novels and books that deal with spiritual growth. Lately though, I’ve been picking up more books related to my work and projects. It’s all part of the continuous learning success requires.

Yasmin’s Choices:

The Bible

Not because this is the most popular book in the world, but because it has the best advice available to man. Whether Christian or Catholic or Atheist or whatever, there is a lot of good advice, warnings and encouragement that have been extremely helpful to me in order to make wiser decisions in my life. Some of the advice I share to others who don’t necessarily believe in God, has helped them too without them even knowing what the source was. If I had read this book earlier, I could have been making wiser choices earlier. This is a book that I believe everyone should read as soon as they learn how to read. But the best reason for reading this book is that it teaches me about Jesus and His love for me, and that’s a major source of peace.

The Happiness Project

I recently read this book by Gretchen Rubin and was truly encouraged to make the most of the time I have been blessed with. Time is most certainly flying by, and in this book, Gretchin decides to take deliberate actions to make her life the happiest possible within a year, by adopting new habits each month. As a result she learns new things, is nicer to be around, snaps less at her husband and kids, helps more friends etc. It is definitely a book that will get you wondering why you are not making more use of your time and maximizing your talents by making the most of your potential.


Still thinking about my 3rd book…

There are so many great books out there which is why I’m having a hard time thinking of my third book.

It seems so final to complete this sheet by adding a ‘last’ title, which is why i decided to end it with a leaving thought instead: I wish I had read way more of all sorts of books earlier.

When I read a novel I get lost into another story and am able to get my mind of ‘my own’ story for a while which is helpful to me when it’s time to get some sleep as I tend to think too much of my own things otherwise. As I have learned from David, we should always be reading books on all sorts of subjects, as this is how we expand our knowledge and learn new things, becoming better at our jobs, relationships and able to give better advice to others too. There is something to learn from all our readings, or at least something to take out of it, even if it’s a rested mind. So I will end with this: I wish I had started reading all sorts of books earlier as they are truly beneficial to our lives in so many ways. But it’s definitely better late than never.

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